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RE: corruption during power loss

On Fri, 15 Sep 2000, Pollywog wrote:

> About half the time that I experience power failures, I need to run fsck on my
> Debian system.

	So, have you had to reinstall packages? With RedHat/Mandrake, I
would immediately do an rpm -Va to verify everything, but I quickly found
out that several packages would complain about being broken even after a
fresh install, so the information was useless. 
	I'm still getting deeper into Debian's packaging tools. 

	I tried running sync on a cronjob every hour, but it didn't help
much. I never understood why Linux seemed so vulnerable to this. I've had
the system crippled for hours with corrupt files while I reinstall
packages. Not since installing Debian, but considering what you've said
here, maybe I've been lucky.


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