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Re: X, GNOME, and Debian

> use GNOME on top of X, the screen disappears into a bunch of little
> stripes, and the keyboard locks up (even alt-ctrl-backspace doesn't
> work).  This was with the GNOME 1.0.53 from Debian.  I installed Helix
> (GNOME 1.2), same problem.  I've done XF86Setup, both putting the

> Happens regardless of windowmanager - sawfish, afterstep, windowmaker.

did you try using a windowmanager without using GNOME ? Did this solve the
problem ? (just trying to clear things up here, I don't think I could help
you with this problem to be honest). Did you try using a different
resolution, perferable a lower one ?

Hope this helps make things clearer,

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