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Quake II server with debian


I am getting speakeasy DSL soon (I Hope).  They offer $10/mo rebate if you
send them server logs indicating your server has speakeasy in the name.

My plan is to use a dual PII-333 system as my mail/ftp/web server and run
QII on it in dedicated server mode.  I have seen QII/Linux in Microcenter
for $50.

Has anyone tried this?  Are there any issues with QII in dedicated server
mode (text based/command line) and debian?  Do you think a dual
PII-333/128MB would be enough?  The mail server is lightly loaded (200
messages/day or 3-4MB/day) with the ftp/web extremely lightly loaded.

Any input or tips are appreciated.  I figure I am going to run a server
anyway.  I might as well get a $10/mo rebate for adding a game to the
server.  Just so long as QII doesn't bring the server to a crawl.

If it helps, I will be running Storm/Hail (potato).

Many thanks,


Paul McHale
   Work:   937-320-5495          Double E Solutions
   Mobile: 937-371-2828          1435 Edenwood Dr
   Fax:    413-215-3232          Beavercreek, Ohio 45434

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