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Re: Exim rewrite question

hi there,

"inspired" by the remote_smtp config at
i created a similar system:

change the rewriting rule at the end of exim.conf to

*@your-qualify_domain    ${lookup{$1}lsearch{/etc/email-addresses}\
                                                {$value}fail} F

this will rewrite the envelope addresses, which are neccesary for remote
delivery, but should be so far irrelevant for local delivery. note, that
the headers in the message are not rewritten.

add this to the smtp-transport in exim.conf:

  transport_filter = "/usr/local/sbin/adrrewr"

this will rewrite the messages sent to "outside".
the attached file is a gawk script, which takes care of rewriting the
message according to /etc/email-addresses. remember to "chmod 755" it
after saving it.

this should be quite flexible (in fact, adding new users is no different,
than with a "normal" debian config) and it does not require a second exim
running somewhere.

does this make sense? please report your experiences with it.

have fun!

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#! /usr/bin/gawk -f

  while((getline inp < "/etc/email-addresses") > 0) {
   if(inp !~ /^ *#/) {
    split(inp, p, "[ \t]*:[ \t]*")
 while((getline inp < "/etc/exim.conf") > 0) {
  if(inp ~ /^ *qualify_domain\>/) {
   split(inp, p, "[ \t]*=[ \t]*")

/^$/ {

  for(i in tr)
   gsub("\\<" i "@" qdom "\\>", tr[i])

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