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Sawfish - lisp error?

I've been using sawfish 0.30.3-6 and whenever I open a new window the
system beeps and prints this error to the error stream:

    Lisp backtrace:
    #<subr run-byte-code> ("áKãKäK+v" [0 (backquote-unquote 125.) 
    sp-cost:overlap 0 (backquote-unquote 75.) sp-cost:focus-locality 
    sp-cost:pointer-locality] 4) nil nil nil nil
    #<subr load> ("smart-placement" t) t
    #<closure> (#<window a0003a>) t
    #<closure place-window> (#<window a0003a>) t

    *** Symbol value is void: (backquote-unquote 125.)
    *** Invalid autoload definition: (place-window-best-fit), Can only 
    autoload from symbols

I've tried purging and re-installing sawfish, removing my .sawfishrc and
.sawfish/ directories, as well as different Window Placement settings,
but all windows do the same thing.  I also searched around for the
code listed in /usr/share/sawfish/lisp, but could find it.

Anyone know what's happening and how I might fix it?

Here's the versions of the lisp stuff that sawfish depends on:

    ii  librep9        0.12.4-2   an embeddable Emacs-Lisp-like runtime librar
    ii  rep            0.12.4-2   lisp command interpreter frontends to librep
    ii  rep-gtk        0.13a-3    GTK binding for librep
    ii  rep-gtk-gnome  0.13a-3    GTK binding for librep with gnome support


Christopher S. Swingley           tel: 907-474-2689 cell: 322-1889
Programmer / Analyst              email: cswingle@iarc.uaf.edu
University of Alaska Fairbanks    www.frontier.iarc.uaf.edu/~cswingle
Fairbanks, AK  99775

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