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mutt can burn in ****!!


My frustration limit with Mutt and it's incredibly stupid GPG detached
signature "feature" has reached it's limit.  Sure *mutt* can handle
verifying these signed messages, but *nothing* else can!  Even in mutt, if
I save all the MIME parts of the message to files (i.e. the gpg sig is
msg.key and the message body is msg.asc) and run gpg --verify msg.key
msg.asc, gpg tells me that the sig is bad!  This is a signed email that I
sent myself, on the same machine, using the same version of mutt & gpg and
all that.

It was suggested that I use 'set pgp_create_traditional' added in some new
version of mutt to generate traditional sigs.  So I upgraded mutt and
added that line to my .muttrc, and it did *something* but not exactly what
I wanted.  There is now only a single part of the message.  Woohoo, no
more detached sigs.  However, it is sent as Application/PGP, which no
mailer knows how to display natively.  Saving this attachment to disk and
running gpg will actually correctly verify the key!  Yay!  Some progress!

So, is there any way of telling mutt to attach this signed file as
text/plain or something that a non-mutt mailer will understand?

And *why* on earth does the mutt documentation indicate that use of the
widely supported traditional method of signing messages is (in bold face,
even) "strongly deprecated"???  It works, and most people can deal with it
easily and painlessly, where the recommended way of doing things
apparently only works if the recipients are using mutt.  I don't like
that.  It sounds too much like a microsoft marketing tactic.

oh well.  Sorry to vent my frustrations to the list.  I'll be eternally
grateful and a whole lot more relaxed if somebody can help me
out.  Thanks.

Oh yeah, this message was signed and sent from Pine using the very nice
(and compatible) pgp4pine package.


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