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Re: matroxfb.o module

On Saturday, 09 September 2000 at 16:02, Parrish M Myers wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know how to pass the "video=..." argument to the matroxfb
> module?  I have tried the following:
> options matroxfb video=matrox:vesa:0x1BB
> and then some variations of that.  Every time I try to do this the
> matroxfb module complains that "param_video" is a non-valid argument. 
> Does anyone know how to do this properly?

a quick look at /usr/src/linux/drivers/matrox/matroxfb_base.c (in
2.4.0-test8) indicates you should be able to do:

options matroxfb vesa=0x1BB

> I am assuming I can't send the 'video=...' line by means of lilo
> because the matroxfb is a module and not compiled into the kernel.


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