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Re: KDE debs

Danny Pansters wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> The kde.tdyc.com Woody tree for kde2 has been emptied, I'm sure
> of it because I used to apt kde2 from there.

I don't know why the packages have been cleared out.  Ask Ivan E. Moore II.

> Anyway, I hope that the kde2 debs will be added to the normal debian mirrors
> soon 

Ivan has ITP'ed KDE and there are some packages appearing in

> I certainly hope the most recent and fully incomprehensible RMS rants against
> the kde project (*after* the GPL'ing of qt was announced - see yesterday's
> slashdot) have nothing to do with this, otherwise I just might switch to
> Slackware or freebsd.


Packages disappear from a KDE server (not a Debian server) and
you threaten to switch distributions if it turns out that KDE did
this because of a disagreement with RMS?  Why is this Debian's


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