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Re: Wine 20000801

On 5 Sep 00 21:05:48 GMT, Richard Black <rblack@algorithmics.com> wrote:

>I have just upgrade to wine (my first upgrade of wine for some time).
>I've run into a couple of problems.  The first one was:


>LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable.  However, after this, wine just hangs whenever
>I try and use it (it will print out the version number and help screen
>Does anyone else have this problem?

You will find there have been fairly major changes in the default
/etc/wine.conf, and I'd recommend saving your old one, installing the
new one, then reapplying any changes you had previously made.

However, the libwine .deb is missing an essential library file, so it
won't work anyway. For now your best bet is probably to stick with the
wine released with potato.


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