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Re: Netscape 4.75 problems

Anthony Campbell wrote:
> On 05 Sep 2000, Dale L . Morris wrote:
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> >
> > I am currently running 4.73 Netscape from potato and it works
> > fine. But when I do the apt-get upgrade it ignores the netscape
> > packages for 4.75. Anyone know why?
> >
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> How do you get to 4.73? I got 4.06 when I upgraded slink to potato.
> I have upgraded subsequently via proposed updates but this has not
> yielded 4.73.

i found upgrading from slink to potato yielded many many non upgraded
packages, the system would say it is up to date but if i did a manual
install (xchat comes to mind) apt-get install <program> apt would
realize that the program is outdated and upgrade it. odd!! happened on
every machine i upgraded.


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