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Re: LILO/Boot floppies

When you see the LILO prompt (this is booting from the HD) hit the
<SHIFT> key the the <TAB> key.  You'll now see a list to choose from.
Just type in the name of the one you want to boot.  The default is just
whatever comes first in /etc/lilo.conf *if* you don't have a default
specification.  Check out 'man lilo.conf' for the dope.

On Sun, Sep 03, 2000 at 08:49:26PM -0400, Rubbish5@aol.com wrote:
> I upgraded my Debian system today, so the kernel is the newest
> Debian's got up, but since I'm booting off a floppy right now, I'm
> still loading the old kernel.  I'm still a little stuck on getting
> LILO working.  I'm dual-booting Linux and Windows, and I chose Windows
> as default from hard disk.  Someone told me to edit LILO's config file
> and change "default" from win to linux.  However, there is no default
> option so I can't do that.  My basic question(s) are: 1. How do I
> configure LILO so that, without a floppy or cd, I have the option on
> boot to choose which OS I want to load 2. how do I create a new Linux
> boot disk so that I can boot from disk with the new kernel?  Thanks
> much, bye!
> -Chris
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