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configuring X

X is a big meanie :-)

Okay, well actually it's my own inability to configure my video properly (I 
*think* that's what's going on at least.)  So my setup:  I'm using Debian 
2.2.  I just did a full upgrade of whatever Debian's newest of everything is, 
so I'm not quite sure what version of X I've got, but I'm pretty much 
positive it's 3.6 or greater.  My computer is a Compaq Presario 1800XL 190 
Laptop.  My video card is an ATI Rage Mobility AGP, although when you really 
get into the diagnostics it's listed as "ATI Rage Mobility p", which is one 
of the cards I can choose when using xf86config.  I've been told what refresh 
rates to use by several people, and I haven't fried my monitor, so I'm set 
there.  As far as RAMDAC, I'm a little stuck there, the closest I found was a 
diagnostic that read "DAC: Internal" but I just type 'q' for that one since 
it says it can generally auto-detect.  Clockchip I do without, and I use the 
Mach-64 server, which is what my card is meant to be used with.  So the 
problem is really simple to describe :-)  I type 'startx' and I get a nice 
little flicker of what's probably X for aprox .5 seconds, and then the screen 
goes blank.  I can't power off my computer, so I have to yank the powercord 
and the battery out.  Ctrl + Alt + Backspace also does not work.  Any help is 
much appreciated!


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