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Can't mount '/' after kernel recompilation

Basic Info of my system:

ABIT BP6 w/ two 500MHz Celeron chips, a 52X ATAPI Creative CD-ROM drive
as /dev/hda and a 18GB IBM UDMA-66 HDDs as /dev/hde.

Working kernels: Debian Potato 2.2.15-ide and 2.2.17-Pre6 installed on


I was trying to recompile the 2.2.17-Pre6 kernel in order to enable SMP
and optimise the performance of my Linux system.  However, got an error
message of 'Kernel Panic: VFS can't mount '/' on 21:09'.
It seems to me that the newly build kernel does not have UDMA-66
support.  How can I fix it?  If this is not the reason, could anyone
please tell me what could be wrong?

N.B. The first Linux was installed from 2.2.15-ide floppies with UDMA-66
support.  And then it was upgraded to 2.2.17-Pre6 from the Debian TC3
Unofficial CD-ROMs, still detected my HD which was connected to the
ATA-66 IDE channel.

Many thanks for your help!

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