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Re: apt-get question

"Christopher W. Aiken" wrote:
> In FreeBSD there exists a "ports" tree with hundreds of
> software titles that have been "ported" to FreeBSD.  One only
> has to connect to Internet and do a "make; make install; make clean"
> for FreeBSD to go to the proper FTP site(s)  to download the
> software and install it.  The software that is downloaded is
> saved in a special "distfiles" directory so that if you need
> to re-install the Internet connection is not needed (i.e you
> already have the pieces that are needed to build the package).

heheh. the "ports" is what drove me away from freebsd. i remember one
time a couple months ago working for over 2 hours to get minicom
installed because the sites the ports were pointing to were
broken/outdated. eventually i got it installed though.. spent another
hour and a half tryin to get ppp workin and gave up and went back to
debian.(this was all on freebsd4-RELEASE)

> I'm a complete Debian newbee, having Debian installed a whole
> three days now.  I would assume that the "apt-get" command
> does the similar software installs as the FreeBSD mentioned
> above?  Does "apt-get" also save the downloaded software?
> If so where would I look for it to save to a floppy or zip?

apt-get does store it's downloaded files in /var/cache/apt/archives

you can 'clear' the cache if you want by running apt-get clean.  you can
also specify another location to download to, you can also tell it to
download *only* and not install(see manpage for apt-get), one thing apt
still can't do(although i still see people reference it sometimes i
never got it workin) is the 'search' function to search thru things, i
keep seeing from time-to-time people say 'apt-get search <something>'
but none of my machines with apt can search :( (invalid option)

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