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   Dear Mr. Aiken:

   You asked:

> I now have Debian 2.2 Potato set up and it uses exim.
> I do NOT have a ".forward" file, but I do have my
> ".procmailrc" recipe file.  When I do a "fetchmail" my
> incoming mail is sorted/filtered using my ".procmailrc"
> recipe file.  Is this normal behavior for exim?  Can I
> get rid of my ".forward" file?

   I'm far from an expert, so handle with care:

   I'm doing as you are (`fetchmail' from ISP, exim
for MTA).  I converted from ?sendmail? about a year
ago when Debian made exim the standard MTA.  In neither
case have I needed a .forward file to get my mail to its
destination, so here's one data point saying it's normal
behavior, and you can ditch the .forward file.

			Best wishes,

				Max Hyre

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