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I have just installed potato.  Having finally got the video card and 
mouse configured, and I think the monitor as well, I am having real 
probelms with the Window Manager.

This has defaulted to TWM.   I get a nice login and passed entry 
form but then get a blank screen.

I can select Icons, but only get an Icon manager.  Nothing else.
I've tried to follow the manual on twm and the Dedian ReadMe file 
but haven't yet discovered what I am doing wrong or missing.

The README file refers to /etc/X11/twm/system.twmrc.  I can't find 
this file although the /etc/X11/twm/system.twmrc-menu file is there.

Do I have to compile this and if so how?  If not, how can I get a 
Window Manager with Icons to work?

Thanks Maxwell

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