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Linux: static NAT and proxy-mac


	I'm quite experienced in using ipchains as a static packet
filtering device and Linux masquerading for our hide NAT (1:n) needs.

	However, I am now in the need of doing full static (m:m) NAT and
I'm wondering if there's any way to get Linux to do it. I haven't
researched ipfilter || ipnat on *BSD as I'd like to stick with Linux
(Debian Linux to be more precise) as all our i386 Unixes are Debian Linux. 

	Also, does anybody know if you can get Linux to reply to arp
requests on a different MAC address than it's own without any subnetting
involved. Something like the "proxy-only" option in ARP in the Nokias. I
can't find the option on arp(8). Maybe I have to install a user-space arp

	Thanks for your help!

-- p.

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