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Re: start pppd

On Mon, Aug 28, 2000 at 09:56:44AM -0300, Alberto Pereira wrote:
> All,
> When i try to start pppd, in prompt, like root or a commun user i have this 
> message:
> medusa pppd[246]: By default the remote system is required to authenticate 
> itself
> medusa pppd[246]: (because this system has a default route to the internet)
> medusa pppd[246]: but I couldn't find any suitable secret (password) for it 
> to use to do so.
> pppd[246]: (None of the available passwords would let it use an IP address.)
> Someone can help me?

Run pppconfig as root.  Then use pon/poff to bring up/down the
connection.  Running pppd directly requires sending it a bunch of
arguments.  Easier to let pppconfig do the work for you.  If I've
mistaken your problem. Please elaborate on what you have done.

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