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Re: Very strange system/sound problem

On Mon, Aug 28, 2000 at 12:55:13PM +0100, Barry Samuels wrote:

> I am running Debian Potato on a machine which is totally SCSI ( I
> feel that way myself sometimes) and includes a PlexWriter
> CD-Writer and a SoundBlaster Live 1024.
> I hadn't used my machine this morning and I happened to enter the
> room to hear clicks coming from both speakers.  I tried lsmod and
> no sound modules were loaded.  I also discovered that every
> movement of the mouse produced rapid clicks from the speakers. 
> The mouse, by the way, is on IRQ 5 and the sound card on an IRQ
> above 10.
> Using the keyboard also produced clicks as did ejecting the CD
> tray (no CD).
> I decided to close down and reboot the machine.  The clicks
> continued right through closedown and didn't stop until the
> machine actually started to reboot.

Did the clicks stop after the reboot?
To me it sounds like a physical phenomenon - not software. You have to
realize that there are many different forms of electricity inside a
computer system and under special circumstances they might produce
strange things. Do you know about "induction"?

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