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Re: audio cd problems

On Sun, 27 Aug 2000, Vik wrote:
> I can't play audio cd's in potato - audio or cd progs complain that saying
> they cannot access the cdrom device, and if I just hit the 'play' button
> on the cd-drive itself, the output doesn't go thru the soundcard - The
> only way I can listen is to get the audio cable and put in the the jack on
> the front of the cd player. 
> I am using the ALSA drivers that came with potato. Could it be a problem
> with this? Or maybe cdrom automounting? Everything worked OK under
> Redhat6.1
> ciao
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You probably have all the channels muted. When you first install ALSA the
channels are muted by default and you have to turn the sound up using a mixer
program. If you are running KDE you can use kmix, if GNOME use gmix, if
nothing cool then use alsamixer (console based). 

Also after you unmute and turn up the sound you shoud do (as root) 'alsactl
store' which will write the settings to /etc/alsa.conf.

I am using ALSA on my laptop, but I did not use the debs I compiled the
latest version myself.

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