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Re: 2.5 minute delay when telnetting

On Fri, Aug 25, 2000 at 09:31:19PM +0100, William Benfold wrote:
> Forgive me for adding to the chaos, but I just subscribed yesterday, about
> 18 hours ago.  When I checked my mail today, I had 512 messages, and new
> ones are appearing at a rate of one every couple of minutes.  Someone please
> tell me this isn't normal!  

It's not.  There's a broken relay someplace in HK, aparently.

> How do you people cope with this volume of traffic?

Delete key, procmail recipies, and tag-by-header tools under Mutt.  When
the need arises.

> I have just managed to get the linux machine talking to the network, but I'm
> having a problem: whenever I telnet in from windoze, the connection opens,
> and then there's a big delay before the login prompt is displayed.  In fact,
> I've timed this delay, and it is always more or less exactly 2 mins and 30
> secs.  Once the login prompt is displayed, all is fine, any delays are
> unnoticably short.  The network experiences only very light load, spending
> most of the time idle.

You've got a reverse DNS lookup problem.  Usually on Linux this means
you don't have your /etc/resolv.conf file specified correctly (order
hosts, bind), are missing /etc/hosts entries for the machine in
question, or similar issues.  A long delay on network operations within
a local netowrk is almost *always* a DNS resolution problem.

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