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[aphro@aphroland.org: Re: issue.net & issue]

I said assigned because under RedHat they were 'generated' or 'assigned' in an init script.  I was looking for the Debian counterpart.  Sounds like they just exist...which is exactly what I wanted to hear.  I am so tired of RedHat and so glad I am onto Debian.


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assigned ??

issue and issue.net are just in /etc ..if they don't exist you can
create them/change them at will. im not sure exactly what you mean ..:<


Debian User wrote:
> Greetings,
> I've been snooping around /etc looking for the place that issue.net and issue are assigned.  So far no luck, is there any documentation available from Debian that would run a newbie type thru most of that 'good to know information' about how the system is put together?
> Bill
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