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Internet woes

Everytime I try and use wvdial it sits there and does nothing when it reaches the point of launching pppd while the modem shows On Hold.
And since wvdial does not require any extra configuration other than that which it asks you to enter at its configuration time, how do I stop pppd messing it up ? I think that the problem might be that pppd is trying to specifiy it's own IP to my ISP, because when pppd is executed without any parameters it shows on the last line "none of the secrets (passwords) tried would let it use an IP address" or something similar.. Can I pre-load a chatscript into pppd before using wvdial to connect. I don't actually care how I connect to the internet but no matter what I try it never works, always with the exact same problem.

Thanks, Michael Tanney

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