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Re: net install of staroffice 5.2

Hi Marco,

as Morten pointed out already, you just have to use the /net switch on
the binary.

On Wed, Aug 23, 2000 at 09:02:18AM +0200, marco frattola wrote:
> hi all,
> this is not debian specific, but maybe somebody can help me. i'm trying to
> install staroffice 5.2 using
> the 'net' switch, so every user  doesn't need to install his/her own copy of
> staroffice.
> i already did it successfully with so 5.1, but i'm unable to do that with
> 5.2. sun gives you a whole .bin
> file. by executing that file you start installation .. but there's no way of
> passing the /net switch. without
> switch, it installs the one-user only. reading the docs from sun doesn't
> help much .. they refer to a setup
> script, which doesn't exist before running the .bin file, and that doesn't
> do anything after: it just gives you
> option to repair/uninstall/modify, but not to reinstall. so if anybody knows
> if there's anything i can try ..
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