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problem with installation

I'm new to the list - I've joined to get some help with installation!
I have an IBM Thinkpad 360 with 12 meg RAM and 340 meg HDD. It only has a floppy drive so I downloaded the floppy images (for slink). I booted the rescue floppy and got as far as partitioning the hard drive and mounting the filesystem (I mounted /dev/hda1 on /, /dev/hda2 as swap, and /dev/hda3 on /usr). But when I get to install the kernel and modules, I get an error mounting the rescue floppy. I tried to mount it manually by firing up a console, but it told me "/dev/fd0 is not a valid block device".
I did notice in the help pages on the rescue floppy that Thinkpads may need some extra parameters when booting, but if I try any of them it seems to think I'm going for a ramdisk option and asks me for a root floppy. Of course I'm trying to install to the hard drive, but it only seems to want to do that as the default installation, which doesn't seem to accept any parameters.
Any ideas? I know a bit about GNU/Linux from other distributions but I'm new to Debian.

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