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Re: Anyone else have CheapBytes CD trouble?

Bob Bernstein (poobah@ruptured-duck.com) wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 23, 2000 at 09:01:27PM -0700, Nate Amsden wrote:
> > cheapbytes is cheap shit
> Let me plug my favorite vendor of Debian CD's, Linux System Labs:
> http://www.lsl.com
> They have CDR's now of 2.2. In the past I have never had a problem with
> their stuff, CDR or CD, and that's going back to bo or hamm (which was
> first? - I forget!)

I had a opposite reaction to lsl. Back when ham was stable and slink was
just about ready, I ordered the full ham set (2 CD's I think) and 4
slink CD's (for Alpha and i386). What they sent was: 4 corrupt CDR's of
slink and instead of ham CD's I got 2 more blank slink CDR's... I
emailed them and about 2 months later they sent me 8 working slink CD's
- 4 i386 binary CD's, 2 contrib CDR's, and 2 source CD's. I never got
the Alpha or ham CD's. I started using cheapbytes after that and haven't
had any problems (yet). As someone else pointed out: it is best to wait
until you can get real CD's instead of CDR's. 


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