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brace expansion in ash?

I was doing this in a Makfile:

  install -m 644 debian/{0*,READ*,c*,gri*,watch} gri-2.6.0/debian

and it turns out the brace expansion is a bashism, as ash doesn't
support it.  Is there a sh-compliant way of doing this?  I looked
at the ash man page but didn't see anything obvious.

  > ash
  $ ls debian/{0*,READ*}
  ls: debian/{0*,READ*}: No such file or directory
    $ ls debian/{0*,READ*,c*,gri*,watch}
  > bash
  bash-2.04$ ls debian/{0*,READ*}
  debian/00Porters.readme        debian/README.Debian.unofficial



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