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apt-cdrom finds too many "Packages"

I had the bad idea of putting extra software in the 4th CD of my
own unofficial Potato distribution.
It happens that somewhere in the directory tree of this extra
software there exists a *directory* called "Packages"
apt-cdrom tries to read debian packages from it and fails,
making all the packages in the CD unavailable.
Is there a way to circumvent this problem, other than reburn the
CD changing the name of the offending directory ?

Thanks in advance,
Enzo.                                                    ,>/
Enzo A. Dari  |  Instituto Balseiro / Centro Atomico Bariloche
8400-San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina | email: darie@cab.cnea.gov.ar
Phone: 54-2944-445208, 54-2944-445100 Fax: 54-2944-445299
Web page: http://cabmec1.cnea.gov.ar/darie/darie.htm

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