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Re: 1/2 ifconfig



ifconfig -a gives me not only "lp" and "ppp0," but it also give me "eth0."    for now
i'd like to not have "eth0."  how do i not have it in the picture?

ia, t.

bentley taylor
 (potato on 2.2.16)


cls-colo spgs wrote:

> debs,
> i lost the "lo" part of ifconfig, i.e., all i get is
> the "ppp0" part.  (linux-wise, i'm trying to figure out
> what to do with a nic.)  i suspect the prob is causing
> the obsfucation of my print jobs, seeking a network
> environment when  probably i have nothing  even close.
> please un-dense me.
> ...suggestions?
> ia, t.
> bentley taylor.
>   (potato on 2.2.16)
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