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Re: Linux Mail Client

> Monday, August 21, 2000, 11:35:05 AM, Mark wrote:
> > I am somewhat tempted to ask why if you want to keep two sets of mail
> > separate sets of mail you find it imperative to handle them both with
> > one instance of a program.
>     Convenience.  There is no good reason not to, really.  Why should I
> to use two when one is perfectly acceptable?  The distinction is that the
> program itself is able to handle the split whereas most cannot.

I would be rather surprised if the new KMail couldn't handle things as you
want (though I haven't fully tried it), however, this will not help you if
you do not use X. I think that it is slightly unreasonable to expect to be
able to keep two email accounts separate on your local machine and yet
demand to be able to access both through a single instance of your MUA. To
me, it would seem far more logical to access both local mail boxes through,
if not separate accounts, then through separate instances of your MUA.


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