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We need a FAQ. Don't you think we need a FAQ?

I popped my mail last night, and still there were ca. 180 waiting for
me when I got home this evening.  I cannot keep up at that rate.  Many
questions were repeats of questions I've been answering for years.
Then again, I've asked questions here that never were answered.

In that spirit, I'd like to suggest that this list needs a FAQ list.
When the readers of this list have sufficiently beaten it into a form
they'd be willing to sign off on, I suggest the (debian-user) list
maintainer's .signature should contain a pointer to where new users
can get it.  Other suggestions are welcome.

Here's my first cut of questions that ought to be in a debian-users FAQ:

 1.  Why, when I change to another run level, does xdm continue to run?
     Why doesn't Debian use run levels like ${DISTRO}?
     How do I change Debian to boot to a console?
     How do I make Debian boot into X Windows automatically?
 2.  How do I get Debian to switch from KDE into Gnome or vice versa?
 3.  Can I install packages made for ${DISTRO} on a Debian system?
 4.  How do I fix my mouse in Debian?  gpm *and* XFree86.
 5.  How do I compile a kernel in Debian?
 6.  Self built kernel; complaints about modules!
     How do I compile modules in Debian?
 7.  How do I convert a Storm system to/from stock Debian?
     How do I convert a Corel system to/from stock Debian?
 8.  apt-get and slink-->potato(-->woody), etc.
 9.  Netscape/email program/Usenet News/Shockwave, ...
10.  Java.

11.  XFree86 ver. n on Debian.

12.  "Help" (and other stupid questions: "Emergency!", etc.), or how
     to post, using an informative Subject: line.

13.  Obscure, or even bleeding edge, hardware and Debian.

14.  emacs on Debian.  Exim on Debian.  Blah on Debian.

15.  Setting the clock on Debian.

16.  Where to download Debian iso's from?

17.  Win98 (or Win2k, or WinNT, or ...) and Debian.

18.  What is meant by stable, frozen, ...
     Why are Debian releases so far behind other distros?
     Can I run stock Debian except for some bleeding edge releases?  How?

19.  What's a good sources.list?

20.  Sound on Debian.

21.  ???

nn.  Where to find the debian-user mailing list archives?

Send me the questions you never want to see asked again on
debian-user, and I'll try to mangle them onto the list.  Answers to
said questions would be much appreciated, but not necessary.

keelingNO@SPAM.spots.ab.ca (Stephen) TopQuark Software & Serv. Enquire within.
    [sed 's/NO@SPAM./@/g']               Contract programmer, server bum.  
    Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced.

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