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Boca Board BB1008..???

Hello all,

Just a quick question, has anyone purchased a 'Boca Board BB1008', it is an
8-port serial board, and have you had success in getting it running under
say Debian/Linux 2.2.5 Potato...

If you have I'd appreciate in hearing what is needed for it to work, or if
it will not work...

I have uncommented in the serial.conf script, ttyS16 through ttyS23, and
where it says /dev/ttyS16 set_multiport port1 0x107 0xff match1 0...

Now upon rebooting it does not seem to configure these ports correctly, any
help would be appreicated...


Larry Shields WD9ESU
AMPRnet: wd9esu.ampr.org IPaddr
BBS E-Mail: wd9esu@ wd9esu.ampr.org
E-Mail: larrysh@chorus.net

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