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Re: Soundblaster 64AWE problems

I went ahead and commented out the VERBOSITY and CONFLICT lines from
/etc/isapnp.conf. I recompiled my kernel to add MIDI once I was at it, and

I'm able to play *.au files by catting them to /dev/audio, but that is the
only way I can get sound. Whenever I try playing sounds in Enlightenment
for special events (.wav files), I get nothing. If I try to start up any
sound applications, they always declare that an error has occurred and
"Make sure you have sound support compiled into the kernel".

Here are the relevant lines from dmesg:
Soundblaster audio driver Copyright (C) by Hannu Savolainen 1993-1996
SB 4.16 detected OK (220)
<SoundBlaster EMU8000 (RAM512k)>

I remember a few other lines showing up during boot, including things like
CTL00e4/515754242[0]{Audio               } and other items based on
settings in isapnp.conf, and it said okay after each of them.

Module                  Size  Used by
awe_wave              156756   0
sb                     32820   0
uart401                 6096   0 [sb]
sound                  55448   0 [awe_wave sb uart401]
soundlow                 344   0 [sound]
soundcore               2372   7 [sb sound]

Let me know if there is other info needed to get my sound running. Other
than the changes listed above, the info I provided in my previous email is
still accurate.


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