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Re: Bad Samba filesharing problem

> The situation here is that we have 1 Linux server running Samba,
> one Windows NT client, and a scad of Windows 9x machines.  The
> problem is that filesharing between the server and the NT machine,
> and between the server and one of the Windows machines, is having
> problems.  Copying a file from the server to either of those two
> machines (or opening a file on the server on one of those two machines
> takes an impossibly long time).  Using our database file as an
> example:  it's about 5MB.  Copying it between any of the two
> Windows machines on the network (10BaseT) takes about 5 seconds.
> Copying it from either of the two problem machines to the server
> takes about 5 seconds.  Copying it from the server to one of
> the problem machines takes about... two hours.  It simply doesn't
> work.  Moving files from the server to either of the two problem
> machines is basically impossible, it's ridiculously slow.  All
> other network activity seems normal.

By the fact that it's working slowly but working, I exclude the
possibility of a problem of permissions, although I was missing some
host allow/host deny statement in your config file. Long response
times are often due to problems with resolving network names. Not
recently, but I do remember NT machines not liking to accept Samba
machines as name/domain/password servers and start fighting each
other. Try to disable all smb related name/domain services, delegating
them to NT machines, if necessary. You also could try to increase
samba's debug level and read the traces.

Good luck

Christoph Simon


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