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Bad Samba filesharing problem

Dear list,

Please help save the life of our loyal Linux server.  If I can't
get this problem fixed soon, the higher-ups are going to order our
faithful server to be Euthanized and replaced with a horrible
Windows NT Server monstrosity.  So to keep our faithful little server
from suffering a fate worse than death, any advice would be

The situation here is that we have 1 Linux server running Samba,
one Windows NT client, and a scad of Windows 9x machines.  The
problem is that filesharing between the server and the NT machine,
and between the server and one of the Windows machines, is having
problems.  Copying a file from the server to either of those two
machines (or opening a file on the server on one of those two machines
takes an impossibly long time).  Using our database file as an
example:  it's about 5MB.  Copying it between any of the two
Windows machines on the network (10BaseT) takes about 5 seconds.
Copying it from either of the two problem machines to the server
takes about 5 seconds.  Copying it from the server to one of
the problem machines takes about... two hours.  It simply doesn't
work.  Moving files from the server to either of the two problem
machines is basically impossible, it's ridiculously slow.  All
other network activity seems normal.

I made 3 changes about the time the problem started, but I'm almost
positive that things were working normally for a time after all
these changes were made.

1.  Installed a new central hub (I've elimintated the possibility
of a physical network problem, though)

2.  Moved to Linux 2.4-test3

3.  Moved to the ReiserFS filesystem for some of the shared files.

Here's the Global section of the smb.conf

workgroup = CHURCH
netbios name = LAMB
server string = Linux server running Samba
announce as = NT
announce version = 4.2
#bind interface only = YES
browse list = YES
case sensitive = NO
change notify timeout = 90
deadtime = 30
debug level = 0 
debug timestamp = YES
dns proxy = YES
domain logons = YES
domain master = YES
encrypt passwords = YES
getwd cache = YES
interfaces =
keepalive = 7200
load printers = NO
local master = YES
lm announce = NO
lock directory = /var/samba
log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
logon drive
logon path
logon script = %U.bat
lpq cache time = 0
mangled stack = 100
max disk size = 1024
max log size = 1024
max xmit = 8192
message command = echo "Message from %f to %t" && cat %s
nt pipe support = YES
#null password = NO
os level = 256 #SUCK IT DOWN
#panic = /etc/init.d/samba start
passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u
preferred master = YES
read raw = YES
security = user 
smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd
socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192
status = YES
syslog = 2
syslog only = YES
time server= YES
unix password sync = YES
update encrypted = YES
wins proxy = NO
wins support = YES
write raw = YES

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Craig McPherson
Network Admin
Baptist Student Union
Fayetteville, Arkansas

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