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Re: bug in xmms? dependencies?

* Robert Waldner in "bug in xmms? dependencies?" dated 2000/08/16 15:09
* wrote:

> Hi!


> [waldner:~] xmms
> libGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
> I removed&reinstalled xmms, but to no effect, so I looked for the
> package containing libGL.so.1 (mesag3-glide2) and manually installed
> it. Now it's fint, but I don't know if I should file this as a bug or
> if I've done something wrong.

Well, the problem is that xmms recommends libgl1, apt doesn't
automatically install recommended packages.

It's only recommended because you only need it to use some (one?) of
the visualization plugins. IIRC.

hacker sally

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