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Installing Debian into dos filesystem (umsdos)

Yes, I know it's better to have an own partition for Linux
as i do for my private Linux box.
But here at work I can't delete or shrink partitions.
Therefore I'd like to install Debian (slink or potato)
into an already existing dos filesystem with umsdos.

What I have:

PII 300 / 64 Mb 
100 Mb free space in the target filesystem. (enough for me)
I can boot from CD (and have a [pre]potato-cd).
I already installed systems from this CD.
I could copy the umsdos module into the msdos filesystem.
I could create bootdisks.
I could compile a modified kernel.

- Is it possible?
- How do I proceed?

As usual, any hint is very appreciated

    Matthias Maisenbacher

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