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How many CDs in potato?

Can anyone tell me how many CDs the official ISOs have for:

 - i386 main + main/non-US ( + contrib ?)
 - sources
Is contrib included as a service on official CDs like it was for

The reason I ask is that it's time for me to buy some potato CDs,
and I'm having a difficult time deciphering know what vendors are
selling (from 2 to 4 CDs):


   Debian 2.2 Binary CDR Intel (2 CD Set)      $3.78 US

   Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 CDR Intel (5 CD Set)   $7.99 US
   This set includes 2 binary cds and 3 source cds


   Official Debian 2.2 potato i386 binary 3 disk set.  Includes
   non-us encryption packages.                 $29.95 US

   Official++ Debian 2.2 potato i386 binary disks 1, 2, 3 and
   disk 4 (non-free).  This is the full-monty, with main,
   contrib, non-US, and includes the non-free package disk. 
                                               $39.95 US


   Potato stable i386 binary 4-CD set          $14.00 US 
   Potato stable binary/source i386 8-CD set   $26.00 US 

I'm assuming that Linux-cd's first 2 CDs are identical to LSL's,
that their third is non-us and forth is non-free.  I don't know
whether the 2-CD set includes contrib.  I assume that the 4-CD
set is identical to greenbush's.

(Why is it that I can't find this information easily when Debian
goes table.  I had the same problem with slink, finding out if
contrib was included or not on the official CDs.  I think the
http://www.debian.org/distrib/vendors page should describe what
the official CD sets are.)


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