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Re: can't ftp through IP Masq

I've got IP Masq compiled into the kernel, but I don't remember a selection
for that in the kernel config. What was that?

Also, I've tried both passive and non-passive in the clients (both mac and

>At 19:28 2000/08/14 -0500, you wrote:
>>I am not able to ftp from my private network, through IP Masqerading. I
>>now have Debian 2.2, and I had Debian 2.1 before. As far as I can tell, I
>>have set up IP Masq the same way as I did before.
>You need the ip_masq_ftp.o module installed, OR you need to set your FTP
>client up to PASV mode.
>I've got the same issue, I just haven't gotten the module yet.  PASV works
>Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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