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Re: Installing Debian on 486

on Sun, Aug 13, 2000 at 03:12:13PM -0700, kmself@ix.netcom.com spewed
forth on stone tablets:

> Servers, workstations, or what?  While I could see a departmental
> file/print/mail server, or a firewall system with reasonable
> traffic, and possible a limited task workstation or X terminal,
> based off of a 486, I'd have a really hard time seeing someone using
> this as a full locally-homed GUI workstation.

Actually, a 486 is surprisingly capable.  I manage a small switched
fast ethernet network of debian machines, consisting of a fast
application server/workstation machine (Athlon 800) and a 3 486's and
low end pentiums as X stations (with 'X --query fooserver').  With the
switched network the performance is incredible and is nearly
transparent to the user.

Also, my site (http://isomerica.net) performs quite a few tasks
including mail server, web server, mysql server, stereo :), and more i
can't think of at the moment.  This machine is only a pentium 133.
Goes to show that linux can surely save an old machine from the dump.


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