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mailcap/xmms/mp3 files

I'm having trouble getting either netscape or xmms to play streaming
audio mp3 files. I contacted mp3.com and they gave me the following
instructions for netscape:

n Netscape:

Select 'Edit' -> 'Preferences'
Click on the 'Applications' selection from the menu.
Click 'New'
     Description - MPEG URL
     MIMEType - audio/x-mpegurl
     Suffixes - m3u

     Select the 'Application' radio button and enter
     'xmms %s'

Click 'OK'
Click 'OK' again
Log into My.MP3.com and play your music!

Naturally, this doesn't work. I have had xmms configured to play mp3
files before, but can't get it to work now. I also removed my
.mime.types file thinking that would help. any suggestions?


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