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NEED HELP.....Roadrunner/IPMASQ/and email

Hey guys......I need a little help on this one.  Any ideas or suggestions would be great.  I'm still a newbie so there's probably a very simple fix to this.
I'm currently running Debian on one machine and Win. '98 on another. 
I'm also using Roadrunner.
I've got IPMasquerading working fine.  Internet traffic goes through perfectly fine.  However, when I try to check my email on the Win. '98 machine....I get an error message that looks like this.
host "pop-server" could not be found.  Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly.  Account: 'jason'.  Server: 'pop-server', Protocol; pop-3, port 110,  Secure (SSL); No.  Socket Error.
I don't have any firewall rules setup yet since I only got IPMASQ working yesterday.  As far as I know,  I'm not denying any traffic.  Everything should be going through.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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