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Re: ppp connect/disconnect notification?

"Thomas J. Hamman" wrote:
> Is there any way, using pon/poff, to be notified in the console/term of
> connections and disconnections?  When I type pon, I'd like to be told
> when it actually finishes connecting; and when my ISP disconnects me,
> I'd like to be told about it so I don't scratch my head and wonder what
> happened to the server I was downloading that file from. :)  How?

There are subdirectories of /etc... (uhh) /etc/ppp.d/up, /etc/ppp.d/down,
or something like that -I don't have ... wait a minute, let me telnet &
check... - OK!  I have the Straight Dope now:

In /etc/ppp, there are scripts ip-up and ip-down, which, in turn,
call programs and scripts in ip-up.d and ip-down.d, in which you
can put some script that echoes a connection notification, or
executes `ifconfig ppp0` so you can see your address, or whatever
you want.

I haven't gotten around to it, but I want to add a script in mine
that appends "domain koyote.net" and "search koyote.com" to
my /etc/resolv.conf, since the configuration that comes from
my ISP doesn't supply those, only the "nameserver ..." entry.
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