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Re: Transferring files between a windows machine and a Debian Li

On 09-Aug-2000 USM Bish wrote:
> I am at this game for the last few years. There are two solutions to this:
> Solution 1: If you have multiple OSs (like me) with Debian 2.1, Slack-7,
> and Win-98, (and BeOS till recently):
>    a) Create a separate partition, (Type of partition msdos or vfat).
>        Use "fips" for non destructive re-partitioning of existing DOS
>        partitions in case you do not want a ner installation.
>    b) This will show up automatically in DOS/ Win as Drive "X"
>    c) From Linux mount this partition, as umsdos, (otherwise, long
>        file names will be juggered). Since the partition I use is hdb3,
>        I mount it as follows:
>         mount -t umsdos /dev/hdb3 /archive
>     d) Having a separate partition has the advantage that all OSs which
>         can access a MS DOS partition can be used for sharing data
>         inclusive of mp3s, GIFs, HTML and other files. 
> Solution 2: Just mount your DOS/ Win9x partition as msdos or vfat
> to a mount point of your choice. All long filenames in this case would 
> be 8.3 format. Just suitable enough for transfer of data, but not installing.
Oh really ? 8.3 with vfat ?
And I think the author wants to transfer files between two machines, not two
OSes on the same machine.

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