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Re: Can't get online

It's still not working.  When I tried pinging it said something like 13 packets
transmitted 0 packets received.

--- Jeff Green <jeff@cricket.org> wrote:
> You should not set your nameserver to
> unless
> happens to be a nameserver on your network. Since
> you use a web-based
> email address I cannot guess what your actual
> nameserver should be but
> you can test if this is the problem by pinging a
> server by the actual ip
> address. 
> Is for example a yahoo.com one. If that replies
> correctly go out and
> find the address of your ISP's name server.
> Jeff
> Allan Peak wrote:
> > 
> > After installation my resolv.conf file was
> > search kc.rr.com
> > nameserver
> > I manually put in nameserver but it
> didn't
> > make any difference.  It still hangs on ping
> > 

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