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Re: potato installation problem: lp driver; get "init_module: Device or resource busy" message: MORE DATA

* Daniel Barclay <dsb@smart.net> [000805 11:57]:
> > When I get to the step of configuring device drivers, I can't 
> > install module lp.
> > ...
> Here's something else I noticed:
> When the system boots, right before the first installation program
> dialog comes up, a number of repeated messages flash by on the screen, 
> saying (approximately--they flashed by):
>    ... modprobe: can't open dependency file /lib/modules/2.2.17/modules.dep

Try running "depmod -a" by hand (as root); this command will make your
modules.dep. If this is ok, take a look at /etc/init.d/modutils: this
script run depmod at init; see if a symlink (S20modutils) to this file
exist in /etc/rsS.d


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