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Re: Tomcat and Debian

>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Read <simon@email.clark.american.edu> writes:

    Simon> Folks, Tomcat (the JSP/Java Servlets plug-in for Apache
    Simon> from Jakarta) is not available as a Debianised package.  Is
    Simon> anyone working on this?  Has anyone had success installing
    Simon> this under Debian?  Is there a reason why a package hasn't
    Simon> yet been developed?

I have installed Tomcat on my System, however not packaged it.

However the reason I installed Tomcat was so I get get Cocoon 2 (alpha
version), from xml.apache.org, working. I found Cocoon 2 (not sure
about Tomcat) requires Jdk 1.2+, which isn't yet packaged for Debian,
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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