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Re: Trouble with initial istall

On Sun, Aug 03, 1980 at 10:32:39PM -0700, Ed Burke wrote:
Fix your system date.

> Debian helpers, I got partially through an install when I ran in to
> trouble.  Is there ANY body out there that can help?    I'm afraid to
> mention scsi but that seems to be where the trouble may be.  I don't
> really know.  If I upset someone on your staff I am truely sorry - It
> was truely unintentional.  This is my 4th attempt to reach you.
> Waiting anxiously,  Ed

First, there's no "staff", there's the list.  Participation is totally
voluntary.  If you don't get a response, re-submit your question.
Poorly worded, phrased, titled, or formatted posts tend to get ignored.
Also use archives (Deja, Remarq, Google) to research your problem.

Post your hardware (number/type of HDs, SCSI controller, CPU type (eg:
x86, 68, PowerPC), error messages, and any substantiated hunches you might
have as to what's wrong or what might fix things (but don't speculate
if you really don't know, it's usually not helpful), to this list.

I'd also suggest a subject line along the lines of "Install problem:
SCSI foo", where "foo" is descriptive of your specific SCSI card and
problems you're having with it.

Good luck.

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