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Re: Partition problems

kmself@ix.netcom.com wrote:

[snipped my stuff]

> If I'm doing my math right, your /dev/hda is a 1.5 GB disk.  Which seems
> a bit small for the issue I suspect.  But I suck at math.  Something in
> th 6-12 GB range would more likely have these issues.

Yes, it is a 1.5 GB disk. The other (hdb) is ~ 3 GB in size.

> Usually I get this sort of message if I've got my disk geometry
> configured wrong.  Read the LILO docs on specifying disk geometry in
> /etc/lilo.conf or at the boot prompt.  It's cyl/sec/head or cyl/head/sec
> or something like that.  See if your fdisk isn't happier after this.

I'll try.

> Kernel version may make a difference as well, but I believe this refers
> to larger disks than you seem to be dealing with.

Seems to hit me, though...


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