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Re: Framebuffer

On Fri, Aug 04, 2000 at 02:32:51PM +0900, Jack Morgan wrote:

> I am trying to change my console resolutions. I log in to the
> console (not X-windows) and run a program, such as lynx or mutt. It
> opens at 640x480. My laptop screen can do 800x600. I tried "fbset fb0"
> but got no such device!? I read TFM but...

does /dev/fb0 exist? if it doesn't, create it.
BTW: only few framebuffer drivers support on-the-fly configuring with
'fbset'. AFAIK, for example 3dfx cards (?)...

build your kernel with the driver (built into the kernel). if you
don't find a driver for your card, use VESA Framebuffer and configure
it via kernel parameters..

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